The first Brighouse Charity Jigsaw Festival was held in 2012. Since then some 4,700 people have visited the Festivals and purchased over 4,300 jigsaws, some making round trips of over 150 miles.

The Festival offers a fantastic visitor experience and through its success we aim to make a difference with financial support to local charities which seek to enhance the life chances of the disadvantaged and underprivileged children and young people of Calderdale.


The Festival is a topic of conversation around the town for weeks afterwards and is now an established annual event in the local calendar with 2019 bringing the eighth annual Festival.


A Jigsaw Puzzle Festival !

The whole body of St. Martin’s Church is designated to displaying made-up jigsaws of many makes, shapes and sizes. 1,000 jigsaws have been assembled throughout the year by many willing people from the local community. It has to be seen to be believed!


Approximately 200 made-up and upto 300 boxed jigsaw puzzles will be displayed at any one time and as soon as a made-up puzzle is sold another will replace it. This is one good reason why you may wish to make several visits during the Festival.

There will be puzzles for everyone - children's puzzles, traditional scenes, double-sided, mystery, crossword, impossipuzzles, mirror image, animal shapes, wasgij, large format, multiples, 3D and jigsaws in original wrapping. It has to be seen to be believed!
Click the  Festival Catalogue for an example of the selection.

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